Chumbus Gift exchange!

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'Tis the season of giving!

Instead of doing a secret santa this year, we've decided to do a more open gift exchange prompt!

[ See the prompt here! ]

For this prompt, you will need to comment on this news post sharing some of your ranebopets you're comfortable with getting giftart of. Afterwards, you can choose a ranebopet a fellow user has posted below and draw them some giftart for the prompt!

While it is not garaunteed that others will draw your ranebopet, for every prompt submission, you will get a [Raffle ticket] and a [Gift bag] containing bonus EC or possibly an event item!

Please note that you cannot do this prompt with ranebopets not shared by users on this news post.
Submissions that do not include a ranebopet featured in the comments, will not be accepted! Please make sure to follow the rules listed on the prompt!



jahpan Avatar

I also somehow missed the event probably gonna be late but if anyone could draw my draphibis that would be awesome just these ones!!

2020-12-24 15:31:37

Andri Avatar mango is small and has a snowball!

2020-12-25 16:49:05

jahpan Avatar

ahh thank you

2020-12-26 20:29:55

Danielle-chan Avatar

Kaleidobyte Avatar

If anyone wants to take a shot at these characters, I would love to see!

2020-12-17 02:35:37

Lynstrommr Avatar

I would love art of any of these guys! Feel free to play with their markings/colors/etc, I'm not picky about how they're drawn at all and like to see others draw them differently than I do. I included super brief personality ideas for each if you're not sure how to draw them! Drajinn, uncertain, gentle Fallen Cappari, energetic, troublemaking Dragoon Draphibi, pensive, serene Draphibi, upbeat, volatile

Can't wait to go through the comments here and draw different guys ahhh T__T

2020-12-16 05:13:50

Andri Avatar your cappari bullies a little draphibi for a snowball!!

2020-12-25 16:49:37

Lynstrommr Avatar

;___; AHHHHH OH MY GOD LOOK AT THEM ALL!!!!!! omg i love huge dynamic scenes like this and how MISCHEVIOUS my idiot is omggg.... thank you so much for drawing for me (and so many others!!!) it looks fantastic!! I hope your holidays were great!!!!!

2020-12-29 16:47:15

radiiiance Avatar

barmybuck Avatar

Hey, so on the subject of drawing characters, I drew all the ones you linked here!

2020-12-14 19:58:53

radiiiance Avatar


2020-12-14 21:57:19

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