Chumbus! Winter Event

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Welcome to Ranebopets' long-awaited Winter event! Chumbus runs for the duration of December and there's new items, familiars and traits to collect! 

Read about the lore and more here : All About Chumbus

We've also added purchasable TC bundles in the cash shop! Chumbus items are in the EC shop and will be added to the Cash shop after the Black Friday Sale. Hope you have fun, and look forward to seeing you in the scavenger hunt (date to be announced!)
– Tessa

Chumbus Prompts | Chumbus EC shop | Cash Shop

Update - 10am est

There have been whispers of a hidden cave buried deep within the Frospine woods. This place is always concealed by blizzards, though some say if you search around... you may just find a map that leads you to this humble cave. Do you wish to begin your hunt?
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