Hattowen Wrap-up

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Hattowen has come to a close, and we thank everyone for participating! Theres a few things to mention as we wrap up the festivities!

  • The Hattowen EC shop will close after November 4th.  Please make sure to spend all of your EC before the 5th as after that all of your remaining EC will be turned into TC!
  • If you have completed atleast 2 Hattowen prompts, you're eligable to claim the Hattowen badge! There is no deadline for claiming the badge. To claim it, please submit a general claim and link two of your hattowen submissions.
  • The new prompt scoring sytem that we tested using the hattowen prompts has been implemented across the whole site! All of our prompts are now being scored the same way, and some prompts have had their requirements change because of this! Please make sure to read through all of the info listed on the prompt before submitting a claim!


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