The Birth of Chime

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The final owner of a family heirloom music box has passed. A sad relative, unable to bear displaying the music box in their grief, puts it away on a shelf in the attic, where it lays forgotten. A drajin is born! Chime climbs out of the box in which the music box has been interred. I do not, thought Chime, want to live here in this dusty attic. Picking up the precious object to which they are now inexorably bound, Chime flies away into the night sky with it, looking for a new home. 

The Birth of Chime
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In General Art ・ By SeventhBardContent Warning: mention of grieving

Here's my precious lil drajin! 

Submitted By SeventhBard
Submitted: 5 months agoLast Updated: 5 months ago

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