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mothwyrms Avatar
mothwyrms Staff Member

Reply here to offer on Irri-114!

2023-12-24 12:03:11

pokeydapuppy Avatar

Hello!! I'd love to offer a simple bg or pixel (either lined or lineless!) for this bab <3<3 Ex:
Thank you for your consideration! :D

2023-12-25 09:53:16

CookieDear Avatar

Greetings! I would like to offer two full art pieces for this baby! I would prefer full-bodied or whole art scenes as I am not the best with busts or half bodies.
For examples of my art please look here:
the 2023 pieces are the most recent example of my art.
Thank you for this chance!

2023-12-24 23:31:11

TenshiiMisha Avatar

Hello! I am offering a fullbody with background.

2023-12-24 23:31:11

Historia-KQ Avatar

I can offer two fullbodies for the lrri

2023-12-24 13:24:11

CrunchyLemon Avatar

I can offer 2 fullbodies or scene/full piece for this guy!! Shaded or not is up to u for fullbody!
Art examples:

2023-12-24 13:14:24 (Edited 2023-12-26 13:16:48)