Comments on [Closed] Hattowen Hatchie Mod Adopts

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izzy Staff Member

Reply here for Cap-103!

2023-10-13 12:05:51

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SeventhBard Staff Member

Ah I'm so sorry darlin, I already accepted one of the other offers, but tysm for your interest!

2023-10-14 16:58:26

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I'll offer 35 rc, a sprout spell, and a living candle spell for them!

2023-10-13 14:52:35 (Edited 2023-10-15 00:51:21)

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SeventhBard Staff Member

Very tempted by that sprout spell but you can keep the living candle spell. If you wanted to offer something to replace it you could toss a couple pumpkins in bc I'm trying to get my hands on the white pumpkin golem so I'm punkin-hoarding. Either way 35 and a sprout spell will get you the cap but you can pick if you toss a few pumpkins at me also.

2023-10-14 14:16:03

currytherogue1 Avatar

Sent everything and some punkins your way!

2023-10-14 17:57:44

Zombugz Avatar

offering 40 rc

2023-10-13 13:03:52