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Reply here for Trb-068!

2023-10-13 12:05:21

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I can offer 150 RC!!
Accepting offers !! Anyone here!!
I can also offer antler spell, leviathan potion, living doll potion, and piñata potion!! I also have grubbi and capip myo AND I can offer art!!
(This is my first time doing this so if I did anything wrong I’m really sorry sjsjdjsjsj)

2023-10-13 14:56:09 (Edited 2023-10-15 00:56:21)

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i'll go with the 150 rc for them! i'll take care of the currency transfer for you if thats okay?

2023-10-15 00:56:45

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anyone here and/or 100 rc!!

2023-10-13 12:46:13