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Reply here to offer on Djn-180

2022-12-30 20:06:07 (Edited 2022-12-30 20:09:39)

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57 RC + any/most items you'd want from my inventory!

2022-12-31 12:03:56 (Edited 2022-12-31 12:04:04)

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SeventhBard Staff Member

Thank you! You didn't have an item that interested me but I'll happily take the RC for them!

2023-01-01 23:01:11

jahpan Avatar

45 RC! Cute concept!

2022-12-30 21:07:25

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SeventhBard Staff Member

thanks for your interest and the kind words, I did go with the higher offer tho!

2023-01-01 23:01:32

jahpan Avatar

Thats fine I figured:)

2023-01-02 02:23:24