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Hey, I still can't submit any art for some reason. There's supposed to be a green plus in the gallery for me to submit stuff right? I figured after hiatus it would appear, but I don't see anything. I wasn't really active until recently, though, since I'm trying to transfer my OC to someone I rehomed him to on ToyHouse.

EDIT: I'm also commenting here because the "contact" option at the bottom of the page just brings me to a blank email template with no address.

2022-01-09 02:00:40 (Edited 2022-01-09 02:09:39)

Handhelld Avatar

The gallery works fine and the plus to submit art is right there, so im not sure what you mean by that!
Also the gallery is just for sharing art with others. To claim any currency or rewards on your art you need to submit it as a claim

To transfer a character though, go to the ML entry and click "Transfer" at the bottom of the left menu

2022-01-09 09:59:18 (Edited 2022-01-09 10:00:30)

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Ahh, I didn't know I would have to submit his art as a prompt. It's all from the original group on DA, so I didn't want to seem like I was trying to cheat and get some currency or rewards or something from past event work, I was just trying to get his stuff added to his profile for the new owner.

So, to be clear, now that I see how to submit, I /can/ upload past event art from the DA group without reprimand?

2022-01-10 22:40:32

Handhelld Avatar

The site doesnt host art anywhere but the gallery! The image gallery on a ranebopet is purely for ML art and past designs. Youll need to transfer all art of your bokkudo to the new owner yourself

2022-01-11 13:27:17

SavannaEGoth Avatar

Okay, so any extra art of the characters doesn't get uploaded to the site? Just wanting to make sure I'm not making any mistakes here, so sorry for asking like, a million questions.

2022-01-19 01:35:34