Profile Mbu-041: Soba

Owned by Wai-Fi

- She/They

- Decent Sized, probably as big as a medium plush.

- Kaanry found them while sunbathing on a beach. There didn't seem to be an adult nearby so they took the Mantabuppy home.

- Resides at Kaanry's gazebo home. There's a big pond nearby with a magical system that allows Soba to travel out to sea if they so wish to.

- Mild acquaintances with Bean Sprout. They sometimes take a swim together in the pond system.

- Will refuse to consume anything that is not orange. Soda pop is their favorite flavor, though they can only have it on special occasions

- On land they like to barrel-roll anywhere. So you can hear a plopplopplopplopplopplopplopplopplop...

- Very very friendly! Wants to do nothing but eat seaweed, orange-colored foods, and play!

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