Cap-067: Prodigy

Owned by DiMono

Prodigy is not his real name. His true identity was chewed up and spit out by the rumor mill over the years. Eventually, 'some poor prodigy' was all they called him when they spoke of his fate, and he considered it an appropriate nickname.

He was a promising young talent once, but while talent reaches a plateau, age continues on. He slowly descended from being the pride of his community to just another cappari.

He believed that Halcyon itself had squandered his potential so he would fit in society. He went against orders to prove himself above such things, and when talks began of judgement, he broke his halo before they could and vowed to reach his true destiny without them.


Prodigy will play cat and mouse with his victims, prodding them to show off their best attempts at survival. He judges them based on their potential and ability to overcome shortcomings, and is more lenient on those he deem strong enough. He is intrigued by ranebopets with stronger forms.


Currently in a relationship with Tsukuyomi. The nixten managed to outwit and defeat Prodigy in a duel, causing him to become infatuated with them. They have four Nixppari kids.

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