[Open] PUBLIC Marble Gatcha: Macula Manor

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PREVIEW MODE!! Claims & comments will open at 8pm ET/ 20:00 site time

You can post your claim comment without your order (the list of which species/traits etc you're getting) but you will not get a queue number until you post your order list/total  (your position in the queue, ie. #3, #5, etc. earlier positions get to swap first and last in line doesn't get to swap) I recommend you pre-write your comment+order list beforehand to copy/paste it in when the gatcha opens.

Marble gatcha FAQ


Hope you're enjoying Hattowen, it's time for another Marble Gatcha! These are semicustoms- Here's how it works! 

1. Tell me what you'd like (species+accessory options+trait options) and what your $ total would be. Up to 2 gatcha rolls per person, up to 3 trait tabs, and pick 1 accessory option. (if you already got some from the ko fi wave you ca still get some from this wave!)

2. I will send you a paypal link to pay!

3. Once paid I will show you the marble you got. You can swap ONCE with something in the swap centre. You don't have to swap immediately, but know that others will be swapping also. Swaps available until the last marble.

4. Once you’ve confirmed your marble, it's locked in! Completion time is 1-3 weeks as these are made to order. When finished you’ll get the fullres PNG and the masterlist entry!

da1w97z-f617aed5-477f-4d56-9cbd-af00cda2064d.gif SPECIES GATCHA ROLLS
These are the species available. All prices in USD via paypal! No payment plans. 

Available species:
trabbowl hatchling $46 usd
Batnix (bat sugarnix subspecies) $76
Bakiri $76
Delta irribask $76
Fallen cappari $76
Trabbowl adult $76

Ko-fi exclusive: Bunbii $76
Ko-fi exclusive: Troubble $85
(can only claim the ko-fi ones if youre an active supporter on the $10+ tiers)

d9hwp3m-bebb336f-9c3a-4187-b2ba-84e1a9e1f1b4.png?token=eyJ0eXAiOiJKV1QiLCJhbGciOiJIUzI1NiJ9.eyJzdWIiOiJ1cm46YXBwOjdlMGQxODg5ODIyNjQzNzNhNWYwZDQxNWVhMGQyNmUwIiwiaXNzIjoidXJuOmFwcDo3ZTBkMTg4OTgyMjY0MzczYTVmMGQ0MTVlYTBkMjZlMCIsIm9iaiI6W1t7InBhdGgiOiJcL2ZcLzYwZWFkZTNhLWVjZjYtNDZiMS04ZGNkLTVjMTQ5OWNkNjIzOFwvZDlod3AzbS1iZWJiMzM2Zi05YzNhLTQxODctYjJiYS04NGUxYTllMWYxYjQucG5nIn1dXSwiYXVkIjpbInVybjpzZXJ2aWNlOmZpbGUuZG93bmxvYWQiXX0.PEkDVE2P8sRgakJkqqJ7eKJXDdAiZoHs509pCZtALn4TRAIT TABS
Trait tabs give a random trait from the level you picked from the species' trait list, or the universal trait list for enchanted/legend level. You can request one to omit from the tier you picked (ie if you don't like the look of a certain trait)

You can also use cash-bought traits from your inventory (but not ones that were obtained with tc/ec)

level 1 tab - $4 random uncommon trait

level 2 - $9 random rare trait

level 3 - $18 random enchanted trait, AND 2 random users per wave with this tab will get a legend trait


This gatcha comes with options for Hattowen costume accessories! You can apply any accessory on the list to any species, for irribask it comes with the correct trait (ie raiment) You will be provided an image file with and wthout the accessory.

none - $0

standard - $5 list of the standard accessories:

witch hat
dracula's cape
captain's hat
skull mask
frog hat (like this)

mini customize - +$12 customise the standard accessory's lines (ie standard witch hat -> witch hat with a ragged edge/patches/rope around centre. frog hat->bear hat)

extra customize +$30 totally custom accessory, can be different from the standard accessory, (ie. hat->cape) PLUS one small extra ie. potion belt etc



Alkal1ne Avatar

Species: Bakiri
Accessories: none
Trait tab: Uncommon
Total: $80

Side note: I am rolling this marble for Lillytiger33. She will be doing the payments when she gets off of work in two hours, if you are able to hold for that long, if not, please disregard this. Thank you.

2022-10-21 20:01:11

marshmu Avatar
marshmu Staff Member

Thats fine ^^ ill just leave the paylink here for when theyre ready https://paypal.me/tessamag/80

2022-10-21 20:10:10

Lillytiger33 Avatar

Should be sent! Thank you SO MUCH for holding Marsh <33

2022-10-21 22:29:26

Echoklang Avatar

Species: A species from the $76 ones
Accessory Option: None
Trait Tab: Might upgrade later
Total: $76

2022-10-17 02:20:02

marshmu Avatar
marshmu Staff Member

sure thing! https://paypal.me/tessamag/76 just lmk when sent ^^

2022-10-17 09:23:25

Echoklang Avatar

Paid :3

2022-10-17 09:48:33

jahpan Avatar

Species: Trabbowl adult
Accessory Option: none
Trait Tab: 1 enchanted trait (omit trabble fin trait please) (dont think i can afford the event traits individually right now, thank you)
Total: $96?

2022-10-16 19:24:14 (Edited 2022-10-17 15:13:15)

marshmu Avatar
marshmu Staff Member

mage staff would be 30 so the total would be 133! if thats all good you can just send it via ko fi! https://ko-fi.com/marshmu

2022-10-17 09:21:07

jahpan Avatar

Just sent for $96 !! Thank you

2022-10-17 15:19:13

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mars Avatar
mars Staff Member

Species: Batnix
Accessory Option: N/A
Trait Tab: N/A
Total: $76

2022-10-15 22:09:14

marshmu Avatar
marshmu Staff Member

You got it! https://paypal.me/tessamag/76 just lmk when sent

2022-10-16 08:09:22 (Edited 2022-10-16 08:09:37)

mars Avatar
mars Staff Member


2022-10-16 11:14:30

Echoklang Avatar

Species: Trabbowl Hatchling
Accessory Option: None
Trait Tab: Level 3 (omit Trabble Fin)
Total: $64

2022-10-15 20:00:06

marshmu Avatar
marshmu Staff Member

you got it! lmk when sent https://paypal.me/tessamag/64

2022-10-15 20:02:38

Echoklang Avatar

Paid :D

2022-10-15 20:05:39

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