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Runaway Rabbit

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Depict your ranebopet chasing down Chester!



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  • This prompt may only be done once!

  • While some ranebopets track down the eggs Chester has already hidden, someone needs to stop that rabbit! It seems there is a reward out for whoever catches him first!
    For this prompt, depict your ranebopet chasing down Chester in the Bompom Woods! This slippery cappunbii is fast and known to play tricks! How will your ranebopet catch him? Will they set a trap? Will they ambush him when he stops to rest? Maybe they just plan to run after Chester until one of them gives up!

    Keep in mind Chester is a master of trickery and in his home turf, the Bompom woods! Catching this rabbit wont be easy!
  • This prompt will enter you into a raffle! Prizes include...
    - Ranebopet design
    - Cheshire Potion
    - Magic Paint potion
    - Sprout Spell
    - Pleep
    - Snegg
    - Drixie
  • EC Reward* 
  • Eggster Raffle Ticket
  • *The TC reward is calculated based on your submission. Scoring guide


  Main character Extra char.

Art Requirements

    • 1x Fullbody ranebopet
    • 1x Fullbody of Chester
    • Level 1 Background

Writing Requirements

    • 800 words
    • 1x significant interaction with Chester



Reward Amount
Eggster Raffle (Raffle Ticket) 1

Stat & Level Rewards

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