Ownership, Trade, Resale

Created: 30 March 2020, 05:12:41 EDT
Last updated: 4 August 2022, 22:15:49 EDT
All ranebopets species  are closed species belonging to Marshmu; you are not allowed to make one freely without permission. You cannot make species adoptables of them (free, paid or otherwise) without permission. These rules pertain to the ownershipresale,and trade of ranebopets designs and MYO slots.

Should you require any clarification of the rules, please contact us.
Violations of the rules will result in official warnings, and repeated violations may result in being banned from the site. Any user deemed to be willfully loopholing rules will handled at the discression of staff.
When info refers to "a character" it is referring to one of the main ranebopet species, unless otherwise stated.
The ranebopets species are:
  • Bakiri
  • Bettabo
  • Bokkudo
  • Bunbii
  • Cappari
  • Draphibi
  • Drajinn
  • Irribask
  • Mantabu
  • Nix, Nixten
  • Sugarnix
  • Trabble
  • Irribask
  • Hybrids of any kind

Any other character-based intellectual property of ranebopets, including  all familiars on the site, will be treated as closed species as well, and are subject to the same terms as the official ranebopets closed species.


1. Ownership

  • When you own a ranebopets character, you own the personal, non-commercial rights to that character. ranebopets owns the commercial rights to the character's species as a concept, but does not claim any personal or commercial rights to any unique and individual character you own.
  • Co-owning is not allowed, nor officially recognized in the masterlist. Any ownership disputes regarding unofficial co-owning will not be handled by ranebopets or the admins.
  • There is no limit to the amount of ranebopets characters you can own.
  • Any ranebopets characters and MYO slots can be traded/transferred, unless they are tradelocked.
  • A ranebopets character is only considered official when it has been uploaded to the masterlist, not as an unused myo slot.
  • All ownership changes (including trading, gifting, or selling), must be done through the ranebopets masterlist on-site to be considered official.
  • If you own ranebopets characters but do not currently have a ranebopets account and wish not to have one, you can contact ranebopets and we will update your masterlist entry with the ownership transfer.


2. Selling

***Only transferrable ranebopets may be sold, vouchered, or change hands in any way. In the wording below, "any ranebopet" still omits these characters. If the character is tradelocked it cannot be transferred. If it has a $worth but has reselling disallowed please contact a mod***

Base ML price
The monetary worth on a ranebopets' ML entry Lists its "official" value. It does not include the value of other art & commissions, which users must track separately. The Base ML price includes....

  • what it was originally purchased for
  • what its original MYO slot price was
  • cash-bought traits (please request a $worth update to the ML entry during design approval for adding the traits)
  • marshmu rebases or commissions


Reselling for RC:

  • Any ranebopet can be sold for any amount of RC, regardless of how you got it. 


Reselling for Cash:

  • A ranebopet can be sold for its base price listed on its ML entry, regardless of how you obtained it.
  • A  ranebopet can be sold for its base price PLUS the cash amount that you invested into it via purchase, commissioned art or a reasonable price for art you have made yourself. (You cannot increase the price for art it already came with, or gift art)
  • A ranebopet's resale price can be increased with traits and features you have purchased with money. (Purchased RC is exempt) This can be added to its value when you request a masterlist update on-site - please contact the group or discord if you believe your character is missing $ value from an added trait.



  • Any ranebopet can be vouchered for any amount. Vouchering is the process where a user exchanges a design in return for the purchase of goods, gift cards, store credit, or another design. ( ie. user A trades their ranebopet to user B in exchange for the purchase of a $50 amazon gift card) 
  • Visa gift cards are NOT allowed to be purchased in exchange for a character because the money can be withdrawn. Other gift cards are allowed.
  • We do not appraise value prior to voucher trades, you can go through with the trade on your own for any amount of goods, but when a character is traded for real items/gift cards/vouchers, a screenshot of the items/gift cards/vouchers and their value being received must be emailed to ranebopets@gmail.com titled: "Voucher Record from *Username*"
  • The character's owner cannot directly recieve money in any way as part of the voucher.



  • Users are forbidden to exploit the resale & trade rules to scalp or profit on a regular basis or in a way that staff deems exploitative
  • We do not under any circumstances allow users that do not have Marshmu's express permission to make adoptables of ranebopet species for free, trade, or sale. Adoptables in this case is multiple designs, in a batch or not, made publicly available. This can also include designing MYOS on a regular basis to trade. If we find a user to be loopholing rules to make adoptables, we may take actions such as restrictions, warnings, suspensions, or bans. This is solely up to the judgement of staff.
  • Users can freely take monetary commissions to draw other’s ranebopets, as well as be paid to design other’s MYOs. Users are not allowed to publicly post sheets of premade ranebopet designs they have available.



Approved ranebopets are allowed to be uploaded to toyhou.se/external sites, etc!

Unofficial/unapproved Ranebopets are ONLY allowed to be uploaded to toyhou.se and other sites if they have wording in their title and tags that clearly states they are unofficial or not yet approved ie "unofficial" "not yet approved". Not following these rules may result in a warning. Trading these entries to other users as though they were officially approved ranebopets is considered scamming and will result in further action. 


4. MYO Slots

  • Ranebopets made with MYO slots are only considered official/useable in group activities once they have been uploaded to the masterlist.
  • You can commission an artist to design your MYO slot for you, or have a friend design them for free, so long as you follow that species' design rules.
  • MYO slots can be transferred to other users. The slot can be resold if you obtained it for money, or can be transferred for any transferrable site currency amount.


5. Design

You are allowed to make small design edits to your ranebopet (e.g. changing a white to a cream, changing nose color, removing small spots) but anything larger requires the appropriate item from the Traits Shop. You can ask in the #help channel of the Ranebopets Discord (ages 16+)  to have your design assessed beforehand if you like. You can get your design approved through the design approvals function of the site. (on the navbar go to: activity > desgin approvals)
During that process, a mod will inform you if your change requires a design change item.

  • You are allowed to make alternate 'forms' for your ranebopet with the same design in any species outside of ranebopets you have permission to make.
  • If you turn an existing character of yours into a character, you must credit the original designer of that design as the character's designer.

6. Blacklisting & effects

A user may receive multiple warnings for minor offenses before a ban is considered. However, bans may be enacted immediately for major offenses. Users must be familiar with the site Terms of Service and character rules, but we will do our best to communicate with any and all users who have broken rules or may be at risk of doing so.

Grounds for warning: Attempting to claim group currency on art that has already had currency claimed on it, uploading art or characters a user does not own or have permission to upload.
Grounds for bans: Chargebacks (paypal or otherwise) multiple cancelled bids across auctions & sales, scamming users, intentional character theft.
  • A user that has been blacklisted from ranebopets is allowed to keep their existing characters but cannot acquire new ranebopets characters by any means, be it buying, gifting, trading, etc.
  • The blacklisted user is still able to resell and trade their characters and MYO slots (but cannot acquire new characters) in order  to do this, the user must contact ranebopets or an administrator. 
  • Final sales and trades of ranebopets characters by banned users will be observed by moderators. 

7. Revocation and Seizing of characters

  • Revocation is only used by ranebopets in extreme cases at our discretion such as those involving theft, scamming, or illegal activities. Characters possessed by banned or blacklisted users before they were banned will​ be revoked if the banned user obtained them by scamming or theft. Any characters obtained lawfully by the banned user will be treated at the discretion of ranebopets staff.
  • Revoked characters will be rehomed at the discretion of staff. In the case of scamming or theft we will transfer the character to the previous owner or victim of theft.
  • Any characters obtained by a banned user at any time after they have been notified of their ban will have their trade or sale reversed by request of ranebopets and the owner. If that is not possible, it may be revoked without compensation from the banned user & returned to the previous owner. Do not attempt to acquire a ranebopets character if you have been banned. 
  • At the discression of ranebopets staff and depending on the conditions of the ban,  a  banned user who obtains a character by purchasing it after being notified of their ban may or may not be subject to a forced sale of the character, where they will be ordered to sell the character at a price decided upon by staff.