Voiding Characters

Created: 1 September 2020, 19:03:20 EDT
Last updated: 14 June 2022, 21:54:43 EDT

Here is all relevant information on character voiding. Please be sure to read through thoroughly to make sure you understand.

Voiding a character does not allow a user to ignore resale rules. Please check the specific resale rules in each section below.

To begin the voiding process, contact Ranebopets via the discord, contact a mod directly, or contact the DA group stating you are interested in voiding characters. We will send you this information to be sure you have read it and ask for the character’s ML entries you would like voided. A character can only be voided by its current owner.


Voiding MYO designs

-Once voided the character is loses any and all resale value (as a species) and cannot be used in group activities

- The ML entry for the character is wiped. The entry number will be given to another character. All artwork, information and credits are removed. A record of the character’s information before voiding (image, owner, artist) will be kept by ranebopets in a private archive.


Voiding officiaL/Marshmu designs

-These must be approved by Marshmu and we may reject your void request for any reason we see fit.

-Once a marshmu design is voided, the same resale rules apply to the design (cannot be sold for more than it was purchased for but price can increase with purchased art for it) but its species is no longer a ranebopet species. It must not be used commercially (merchandise sold of it, mascot to represent a business, etc) without permission from marshmu.

-Resale value is reduced to what you paid for to obtain the design, not including any trait upgrades

-The design must still be credited to marshmu on any and all sites it appears on

-If the design is NOT kept on toyhouse you must notify marshmu of the design changing hands

-The ML entry will be traded to an admin account, it will have "voided" in its name, and it will stay up for recordkeeping purposes. 


General RULES


1. Resale rules fall under jurisdiction of the original character's artist/designer (if there was just a single one) If the character changes hands, please alert the artist/designer.

2. All language currently referring to the character as the species it previously was must be removed from external online profiles (ie. toyhouse) except for the void note (point 3 below)

It must also be moved out of any tags or folders with the species name or related to ranebopets

3. Void Statement: IF you are publicly displaying art that shows the character as its previous species, please put this line in external profiles (toyhou.se) : “voided from (species) on (date) by (user)”. 
- So long as the previous species images are being displayed, this must be kept visible on their profile in order to protect users from acquiring a voided character while thinking it is still part of the species.
- If  the character  cannot be confused with the species it previously was, you do not need to add a void statement to the profile. (for example, if you voided a draphibi into another froglike species, but it still resembled a draphibi, it would require a void statement displayed. You can ask the group if you are unsure)



Previously voided characters can be turned back into official ranebopets using a new MYO slot and through the following process:

1. If you are the user who voided, you must first apply to the group for permission to re-instate the character to the species via a new MYO slot. Any means of acquisition of this slot is valid, whether you got it from another user, the cash shop, or using TC.

2. If you are NOT the user who voided, you can apply to re-instate the character through the normal MYO slot process. If you are aware that it was previously a voided character you must add a note in your application that it was such. While you do not need to apply, please note we may contact you if there is any info or issues about the character we feel you would you need to know.

3. Please be aware it does not regain any monetary value it had previously as an official character,  nor value from commissions you did not purchase yourself. Its official listed value is reset to what you purchased the MYO slot for.