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Created: 3 February 2021, 14:37:34 EST
Last updated: 21 March 2023, 11:25:07 EDT

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The gallery is a way to show off your Ranebopets art to other members within the group!

  • Show your love for fellow members' art by dropping them a nice comment or a favorite!
  • Let others know you drew them giftart by adding their characters to the submission!
  • Get inspiration! Take a look at how others have interpreted that prompt you're struggling with!

Walkthrough: Submit to the gallery

Step 1: Choose your gallery and then hit the + button

  • Prompt Art - This gallery is for any prompt art! These can be hatchling prompts, affinity questlines, challenge prompts, ETC!
  • General art - For any art that isn't for prompts!
  • Eggster, Sunnyfest, Hattowen, or Chumbus - For event drawn for the specified event! Feel free to submit your old event art as well!
  • Mini events - This gallery is for submitting art from smaller events such as the Discord game night speed prompts, Cloventine's, and Halcidays!

Step 2: Fill out the info.

  • Image - Upload the image for your art! This must be a PNG, GIF, or JPG image and may not be larger than 3MB. Tip! if your image is too large, convert it to a JPG and resubmit!
  • Text - This area is for literature! If you have a short story to go along with your art, or it's just a literature you wish to submit, put that here!
  • Basic Information
    • Title - This will show up under your image in  the gallery preview
    • Collaborators - If you worked on this drawing with another user, add them here!
    • Other participants - Mention another user in your submission! Only needed for Giftart, Art trades, or commissioned art.
    • Content warning - The Ranebopets group is PG13, so add a warning if your drawing depicts any of the following: Blood, Uncensored swearing, Smoking/Mild Drug use. Ranebopets does not allow submissions containing heavy blood/Gore or sexual themes.
    • Prompt - Select the prompt the art is for if any!
    • Characters - Link any characters included. Character codes are their masterlist code + number (For example Tipo is Bet-001)

gallery f.a.q.

Why was my gallery submission denied?
Gallery submissions may be denied for a number of reasons. The mod checking will leave you a comment with a reason. If one is not listed, feel free to contact us! Some common rejection reasons are: Wrong folder, missing/unlinked characters, or missing content filters.
Do I have to submit an image with my literature or text with my image?
No! You can submit just an image, just a literature, or both!