[Closed] Eggster MYSTERY Guest Eggs

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OOPS, ALL HATCHLINGS! Eggs include draphibi, bokkudo, bettabo, bakiri, bunbii, mantabu, cappari and sugarnix. Each egg contains ONE hatchling with traits, and NO 3-color rule. The traits range from uncommon to enchanted with many having eggster event traits such as magic paint, edible, and chameleon patch.
This batch is Cash only! $45 for random roll and $55 for choice roll. these are FCFS, they will be rolled in order of claim!

A smaller RC egg batch (55 or 60rc per egg) will be posted on the 30th! This will NOT be fcfs and will be an RC flatsale raffle, prioritising those who did not get cash eggs.
Our incredible guest artists who made designs for this batch...
  • jadestardust
  • gizzle
  • usaretam
  • visiface
  • colonelstrawberry
  • mocharune
  • handhelld
  • chickolates
  • blububu
  • Kyu


1. Egg claims Here!!
2. Want a second egg? Go  Here!



marshmu Avatar
marshmu Staff Member

sign up for your FIRST egg here!

Pick one:
-random roll $45
-choice roll $55 (list up to 3 eggs in order of preference. you can pick 1 species to EXCLUDE: draphibi, bokkudo, bettabo, bakiri, bunbii, sugarnix, )

2022-04-26 20:38:00 (Edited 2022-04-26 22:01:08)

Snaillstew Avatar

May I random roll

2022-04-29 19:03:45

Joyful Avatar
Joyful Staff Member

Hello, so sorry for the late response, you got it! Please send the $45 to https://paypal.me/tessamag !
Let me know once it is sent! Thank you so much for buying!

2022-05-01 22:35:36

Rainbovity Avatar

Can I get a random roll please? :3

2022-04-27 19:19:08

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marshmu Avatar
marshmu Staff Member

sign up for your SECOND egg here! (If you want to get more than one egg)

This section of claims will ONLY be rolled if there are still eggs left over 2h after claims open, but you can leave a comment here now!

-random roll only $45

2022-04-26 20:37:45 (Edited 2022-04-26 22:15:02)

Kaosheen Avatar

Also commenting here to sign up for a random if avaliable-

2022-04-26 23:47:02

marshmu Avatar
marshmu Staff Member

here is your hatched egg! thank you so much! (no trade cooldown so you are free to trade/resell)

2022-04-27 01:45:42

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Joyful Avatar
Joyful Staff Member

I will comment here for the random roll as well if there's any still available!

2022-04-26 22:46:02

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