[Open] Wishcave rebases OPEN

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Get your wishcave baby drawn on an adult base! These rebases are only open for the 2022 wishcave babies. You can get one for yourself, a friend, etc! Comment below to claim, payment via paypal. Set prices are below and add $4 if your species is not on the sketchpage!

10 slots available.


adult form rebases

Group 1 Species - $36 (Draphibi, bettabo, bokkudo, trabble)
All other species & hybrids $48

Baby nix rebase bc I did one batch as adults accidentally - $36 ea

Here are the sketches for the ones I've drawn! If yours is not here I will make a new base, it is +$4ea!



jahpan Avatar

When will the rebases be open? Thanks.

2022-04-15 23:07:16 (Edited 2022-04-15 23:07:29)

sleepiikenn Avatar

Claim for my bettaphibi!

2022-03-11 00:25:27

marshmu Avatar
marshmu Staff Member

https://paypal.me/marshmuart/48 sure thing! just lmk when sent!

2022-03-14 21:59:57

sleepiikenn Avatar


2022-03-15 01:11:31

Vintagebabey Avatar

Claim for my sugarphibi hybrid rebase! I believe that would be $52? Correct me if I’m mistaken!

2022-03-10 19:20:41

marshmu Avatar
marshmu Staff Member

thats correct!! https://paypal.me/marshmuart/52 just lmk when sent ^^

2022-03-10 19:23:30

Vintagebabey Avatar


2022-03-10 19:27:31

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