[Open] Feb Week 1 Adopts: Mantanix Hybrids

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I'm proud to present our very first hybrids for the month!! :D These Mantanix have a bunch of traits, some legendary! Payment plans are available. $10 supporters on Ko-Fi got to see these adopts early (and 10rc!) ! Every week I'll be posting new hybrid adopts so if you want early access, consider becoming a supporter!

If the same adopt is claimed by two people at the same timestamp, a lottery will be drawn between the two to determine who gets it.


February week 1
Current adopts:
 Mantabu x Nixten Hybrids

Prices in USD via paypal! Payment plans OK, $85 deposit & pay off rest before end of feb. 

1. Aloof Leopard $200 -OPEN -  Legend Nix dragon whiskers, EC shedding: snow, Nix bushy tail & neck ruff, Mantabu XL wings & antennae

2. Sunny Python $185 - CLOSED - Shedding: Petals, Mantabu XL wings & antennae

3. Grumpy Dragon $215 - CLOSED - Nix scales, shark fin, imp tail, vampire teeth, Mantabu catfish whiskers, XL wings & antennae

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Claiming Sunny Python!

2022-03-04 17:36:44

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