[Open] Weekly adopts sept week 2

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This week's adopts are OFFBASE Bokkudo! All unique art! (September week 1 adopts weren't posted, I will post it as catchup later this month!)

All open, comment to claim! (if an adopt is claimed twice in the same minute it will be randomly rolled between the two claimers!)


a - Flower fields - Adult (EC length antennae) -- $65

b- Berry Pop - hatchling -- $35

c - Mint Surprise - Common adult -- $65

d - Ocean Eyes - adult (UC blackout eyes, UC dragonfly tail) -- $65

Claimed - e-  Sleepy Spider - adult (Event Bokkudo Spider trait) -- $80 



benightedswallow Avatar

Hello! I'd like to claim Sleepy Spider, please!

2021-09-17 05:54:50

marshmu Avatar
marshmu Staff Member

you got it! https://paypal.me/tessamag/80 just lmk when sent!

2021-09-17 18:55:29

benightedswallow Avatar


2021-09-17 20:22:31

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