[Closed] Pterabble Duo flatsale

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Since the trabble pterawing spell was released this week in the tc/cash legend shop I felt like making some pterabbles!! All the art for these guys is offbase.

 flatcolor view

Sugar Rush $300 (closed, ultrarowlet, payment plan 130/300)
pterawing (L)
shedding (ec)
long fur, long tail (r)

Cosmic Drift $300 (closed, topazowl)
pterawing (L)
Bioluminescence (ec)
long fur, long tail (r)
trabble antennae (uc)

- must be over 18 to purchase
- payment via paypal



TopazOwl Avatar

may I plz have cosmic drift, I'm dying?

2021-05-18 03:46:53

marshmu Avatar
marshmu Staff Member

you can, thank you SO much topaz!! I will DM you!!

2021-05-18 03:58:40

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