Reward & Art guide

Created: 1 October 2020, 03:37:16 EDT
Last updated: 6 January 2021, 14:53:04 EST

This guide has info on tc/ec rewards and submission requirement terms.
Note:  "c" can stand for TC or EC depending on the prompt.

Reward amounts

When submitting prompts or claims use this guide to figure out how much  you can claim. You can submit prompt art, or you can submit regular art/gift art you've made outside of prompts (general art).  When claiming TC or EC, you must always include a claim breakdown in your submissions! For example:

2 fullbody +4 c
2 familiars+2 c
basic bg  +4 c
----total 10c


Art Amounts
Currently there is no character limit for submissions.

  • Adult ranebopet Fullbody or mostly fullbody: 2c
  • Adult ranebopet Headshot/bust: 1c
  • Hatchling fullbody/mostly fullbody: 1c
  • Familiar: 1c
    • You must own the familiar for it to count
    • EXCEPT during an event with a familiar bonus (ie Chumbus, Cloventines, Sunnyfest, and Hattowen) -  you can claim a maximum of +10c for drawing event familiars, even if you do not own them.
      • Cloventines: Luckolotls
      • Sunnyfest: Hermytes and Ubras
      • Hattowen: Mothmins, Ghoworms, and Phomish
      • Chumbus: Pinekin, Gloflies and Pepperminis
  • Basic Background: 4c
  • Advanced Background:  8c 
    Advanced was the standard of the old background requirements!
    Read on below for the difference between basic & advanced background.

Art Bonuses

  • Thumbnails: +1c each
    Up to 4 thumbnails per submission (Unless the prompt requires more)
    (what are thumbnails?)
  • Moodboards: +1c
    (Only available for prompts that require it)
  • Simple animations: +4c
    • 4-11 individually drawn frames (holds & repeats don't count)
  • Complex animations: +8c
    • 12+ individually drawn frames (holds & repeats don't count)
    • A scene with multiple moving elements that adds up to 15 frames (ie. 5 looping frames on character, 3 looping frames on waterfall, 4 looping frames on clouds moving by)


Writing Amounts

  • 100-150 words: 1c
    You may "bundle" short poetry to make the minimum wordcount!
  • 150-200 words: 2c
  • 900-1100 words: 10c
    • +1c for each additional grown ranebopet with significant interaction
    • +1c for each additional hatchling or familiar with significant interaction

Writing bonuses

  • 2-4 sentence summary/book jacket: 2c



   Art of the character from the head or chest up.

Fullbody: (or mostly fullbody)  Most or All of the character's body is showing. (at least half of the body must be visible)

Backgrounds:   Backgrounds are a scene/environment for the character to be in. (must be at least 500x300 pixels or larger unless it's pixel art or traditional art)
These can be a full scene bg or a platform bg. If a piece requires a background, you can do a basic or an advanced background. Some prompts require an advanced background. The piece's composition can be any shape (square, circle, swatch etc) Backgrounds can be basic or advanced and there are different coin amounts for each.

What doesn't count as a background...

  • a flat color, gradient, shape, preexisting image, (photo) abstract, or drop hadow. It must be an original artwork and have enough detail to suggest your character is in an environment.

A Basic Background...

  • has enough elements to feel like the character is in an environment but is otherwise basic

An Advanced Background has ONE or more of the following points...

  •  At least 3 background elements (ie. mountains, clouds, birds. ground/sky don't count)

  • Defined foreground/background/middle ground

  •  Enough detail or composition consideration to be considered advanced

Advanced backgrounds were the standard for the old background requirements.

  • Background A would count as a basic background
  • Background B would count as an Advanced background under the "3 Background elements" rule. (Tree, Mountains, Clouds, Flowers)
  • (More examples coming soon)



Writing is judged on word count and "Significant interaction" a significant interaction is enough sentences of interaction with something to be considered significant. This is objective, but your character glancing, waving at, or sharing a few words with another character is not enough to be considered a significant interaction, it must be greater.


Not Allowed

Certain  techniques may invalidate artwork that is submitted. If you are unsure, you can always send your thumbnails to a mod before you work on a piece.

  • Composition Reusing – considered a type of "Farming" this is using a similar composition over and over with minimal changes to get lots of TC. If too many elements are in exactly the same place for multiple pieces, we may consider it farming. 
    To avoid, try varying the perspective (looking from below, above, side on) time of day, color & lighting,  weather, and mood. You can have two pieces set in the same location but try changing the perspective, different elements, weather, etc.

    These pieces would not be counted as two different pieces because a lot of the BG elements are in exactly the same place. These could be used as comic panels, or submitted as one single piece- on this piece, you could claim TC for one background, and TC for each of the fullbodies.
  • Stamping - This is using brushes to stamp whole elements into your piece. If you do use these they will not count toward your background element count. You can use a leaf brush to make a tree, but you can't use a tree brush to add a whole tree.