Submission Requirements

Created: 1 April 2020, 20:16:37 EDT
Last updated: 3 May 2020, 22:26:43 EDT

Some prompts require things like "background" "significant interactions" Learn what they mean here! Use Ctrl+F to search for a particular term. There are also important rules here for what you can't do when submitting. Mods use these guidelines to judge submissions but still judge on a case-by-case basis.

Important: You must always include a SCORING BREAKDOWN when you are claiming TC on any submission!


  • A background is an environment/scene with at least 3 different elements The ground and the sky do NOT count as background elements! 
  • note: We will  not count  an element wholly made by a stamp as one of your required three elements (ie. tree brushes/tree stamps). However, using a stamping brush to construct elements of your drawing (ie using a leaf brush to construct a tree) is acceptable!

  •  Backgrounds are NOT:
    • A single flat color
    • Just sky and ground
    • A gradient
    • An abstract pattern that does not make up a scene
  • "Platform" style environments can count as a background as long as they follow the  3-element minimum.

A. This background doesn't count. Ground and sky don't count as their own elements, so this only has 2 elements - clouds and flowers. 

B. This background DOES count! It has 4 elements:
-a shedding tree

These additional elements add to the scene's midground and background. Adding elements to the foreground, midground, and/or background is essential!


Background Minimum sizes

Background art must be minimum 500x300px  or 300x500px to qualify for full background TC amounts and prompts. Any background pieces that are under 500px width fall under Tiny Rule.  Background pieces that fall under tiny rule receive half TC and do not qualify for prompts. (for pixel art, read below)

Pixel art Guidelines

Pixel art can be submitted for prompts and general art but must follow the 3-element background rule and must follow the below size requirements:

Background: Pixel background art must be a minimum of 200px wide to count. 
Pixel Fullbody art must be a minimum of 50x50px to count for fullbody TC. Any smaller and they will receive half TC.

Other accepted background methods

Paintover – A Paintover is when you take a photo and “paint over” it (any style). It must have a considerable number of creative changes/additions from the original, such as lighting, more bg elements, etc and the original must be mostly covered. You must submit it with the original source image. We don’t allow paintovers of other artwork, only photography, or screenshots from video games, etc.

Important: You're responsible for your own artwork & having the rights/permission to use preexisting photos, so it's smart to A. choose images that are marked as free use/royalty free, or B. take your own photos. A good free-use image site is Unsplash.

Photobashing – Photobashing is cutting and pasting parts of photographs to make up a scene with paintover, shading, filters, and more. These works must follow the "3 element minimum” rule and must be well-integrated or stylised into the piece. Characters drawn on top of a photo do not count.


  • A fullbody is a colored character image where all or most of the character is showing. If lined, clean lines are preferred but not a necessity. It can include decoration & some environmental elements, but these don't count as a scene.


  • Graphics are finished, colored art pieces featuring a character that may have very abstract environmental elements, or not enough elements to be considered "an envionment" but still contribute to it being a full graphic piece, ie. posters, illustrations, postage stamps, book covers. Composition & color should be the focus here- prompts will specify if graphics are allowed. 


  • A scene is a character/characters shown in an environment with full color - the characters should feel like they are interacting with the space/environment they're in. This can be a full square or rectangle composition, or another shape such as a vignette, terrarium, or platform-styled piece. Color, graphic style and shading can be any style- ie limited palette.

Significant Interaction

  • In writing pieces, significant interaction is defined as at least 3-4 sentences of interaction with other characters in the piece. 

Alternate Universe (AU)

  • AU, or Alternate Universe, are depictions of characters that show them in ways or settings that they don't exist in canon (reality) in the fictional world of Tessarium. For example, anthropormorphic versions of the species. You are allowed to use AU depictions in most prompts, AU prompt art can be uploaded to prompts or the AU folder but general art that is AU should be uploaded to the AU folder.
  • They should not depict characters with rare/uncommon/mutation features the character doesn't actually have. If you are unsure of something you can note us!



Not Allowed

Certain  techniques may invalidate artwork that is submitted. If you are unsure, you can always send your thumbnails to a mod before you work on a piece.

  • Composition Reusing – considered a type of "Farming" this is using a similar composition over and over with minimal changes to get lots of TC. If too many elements are in exactly the same place for multiple pieces, we may consider it farming. 
    To avoid, try varying the perspective (looking from below, above, side on) time of day, color & lighting,  weather, and mood. You can have two pieces set in the same location but try changing the perspective, different elements, weather, etc.

    These pieces would not be counted as two different pieces because a lot of the BG elements are in exactly the same place. These could be used as comic panels, or submitted as one single piece- on this piece, you could claim TC for one background, and TC for each of the fullbodies.
  • Stamping - This is using brushes to stamp whole elements into your piece. If you do use these they will not count toward your background element count. You can use a leaf brush to make a tree, but you can't use a tree brush to add a whole tree.