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Mascots can be used by anyone in the General prompts to earn TC. You can also draw or make fanart of the Mascots whenever you like! 

  • Tipo (BET-001)
    • Tipo Badge
    • he/him or they/them
    • Tipo is a headstrong bettabo who likes to sing (which is mostly chirps and croaks) As most bettabo go, he isn't the brightest, but he knows exactly what he likes and doesn't like and can be a bit pouty if he doesn't get his way.
  • Chirr (BOK-001)
    • Chirr Badge
    • he/him or they/them
    • Chirr is a bit of an eccentric bokkudo who's very good at problem-solving. He's very social and keeps up with all the goings-on in his village. His dream is to become a rescue team leader!
  • Ori (BUN-001)
    • Ori Badge
    • he/him
    • Ori has a real fighting spirit when he gets going, but also loves to nap.
  • Nik & Tuck (CAP-002 and CAP-001)
    • Nik & Tuck Badge
    • Nik: she/her
    • Tuck: he/him
    • Nik & Tuck are a mellow pair of mid-rank cappari. They enjoy sleeping on clouds in the sunshine, and the occasional trade of light gossip. But don't let the facade fool you, they're always up to something...
  • Lyra (DJD-001)
    • Lyra Badge
    • she/her
    • Lyra is a very energetic drajinn who loves to play! She bounces around and loves to sit on people's shoulders. Lyra is about the size of a small cat and goes by she/her prononuns.
  • Melon (DRP-047)
    • Melon Badge
    • she/her
    • Melon is a little shy, but is easy to get along with and likes eating, napping, and swimming.
  • Mello (MBU-001)
    • Mello Badge
    • any pronouns 
    • Mello is a very curious mantabu that loves to explore! He likes making friends and discovering new places under the sea. Mello lives in a reef alongside a string of tropical islands and goes by any pronouns. His wingspan is about 2 and a half feet wide.
  • Moko (NIX-001)
    • Moko Badge
    • he/him
    • Moko is a classic troublemaker of a nix. He prowls around at night, wreaking havoc and looking for things to add to his collection. He likes collecting any kind of game pieces, such as chess pieces, poker chips, playing cards, and pool balls.
  • Amaryllis (POUF-694)
    • she/her
    • An extremely talented, but extremely sleepy, mage pouflon that lives in a small cottage in the fields of Goldfair. While her potions and charms are widely regarded as top quality magical goods, they often take a long time to get to their consumers as she spends half of her time working and the other half of her time in bed. Nevertheless, she is a pioneer in the field of alchemy- her potions, whether they were meant to be experimental or not, often yield revolutionary magical discoveries.
  • Arkadia (POUF-698)
    • he/him
    • Before Queen Nouvel took the throne, Arkadia was a prominent member of the royal military force. He was skilled and efficient, the driving force behind many successful missions and quests... until his sudden disappearance. Years later he was found to be living a new life in Banelaire, and despite his grave offense, was granted a pardon by the new queen. He lives a relatively peaceful retired life now in the Vespire city. His neighbors know him to be grumpy, reclusive, and generally disagreeable, but not a bad pouflon deep down.
  • Auster (POUF-695)
    • he/him
    • A young knight studying in the knight academy of Obrille. Interested in helping other pouflons but unsure of how to do so, his family enrolled him in the knight academy- an easy feat with their wealthy status as successful farmers in Goldfair. Very scared and uncertain at first, it's taken time for Auster to get used to the lifestyle, but he shows a unique determination and consideration that shows clearly past his small stature.
  • Avalon (POUF-692)
    • she/her
    • A strong, confident pouflon in charge of a huge farm in Goldfair. Avalon proudly supplies her crops of flowers, fruits, and vegetables across all of Bellacoste, establishing herself as a top farming competitor, as well as a household name. Despite her success, she does occasionally feel a little unmotivated and lazy in regards to her farmwork- but she always greatly appreciates a helping hoof. As part of the huge pouflon family sporting sizable cow horns, Avalon has plenty of relatives scattered all over Goldfair. Quincey is a cousin of hers, who regularly stops by the farm to see how she's doing.
  • Kit (POUF-030)
    • Kit Badge 
    • he/him
    • A charming young pouflon, more frequently traveling than not. He is polite and softspoken, but also generally reserved and keeps to himself- his own interests and issues, of which there are many, are usually at the front of his mind. Despite losing his tail at a young age and being under the influence of a strong curse, he is unusually adept at spoken offensive magic. His practice with song has also led to a small side career in being a bard, which he uses to gather up coin while on the road.
  • Marleau (POUF-697)
    • she/her
    • A brave knight with a dedicated sense of duty, Marleau is not part of the queen's official cavalry but has still forged a strong name for herself in pouflon society; the tales of her adventures and vigilante justice are common household stories. She tends to forgo most consideration of self in order to serve the greater good.
  • Queen Nouvel (POUF-696)
    • she/her
    • The current monarch of the pouflons. She is by no means a conventional leader- thorough and hands-on, her methods and ideals go against most traditional policies and are not commonly agreed with by other members of the court. Nevertheless, she has the will to push most of her ideas to fruition, and always has the welfare of her subjects close to heart. She is also the keeper of the Dawn Garden, a job she sometimes finds difficult because of her lack of delicate finesse.
  • Sickle Sister (POUF-693)
    • she/her or they/them
    • This infamous pouflon lives deep in the heart of Marshgrave. Many a pouflon will hear of their fantastic magical feats, both benevolent and malicious, and come to them asking for a deal- anything from a simple blessing to a request for them to curse an enemy. Few pouflons actually get what they want from them- and few pouflons actually find them at all. Their trickery is known just as well as their magical prowess, and with subtle changes to their form they have been mistaken for multiple different pouflons.
  • St. Asphodel (POUF-699)
    • she/her
    • Asphodel sometimes mysteriously turns up when a pouflon has passed away- presumably, to lead away or comfort their departing soul. Her quiet, soft-spoken nature and her apparent line of work have both led to plenty of superstitious and unfavorable opinions of her - her subtly villainous portrayal in lore as the harbinger of death also contributes to her bad reputation among pouflons. Despite this, she still maintains a polite if sad disposition around others.
  • Wylie (POUF-691)
    • Wylie Badge 
    • they/them
    • An eccentric young pouflon that seems to hold an interest in everything and everyone around them. They wander all over Bellacoste, unable to make up their mind on what they want to do and where they want to stay. The one thing they have definitely decided on is their role as the 'badge bestower', intent on rewarding pouflons (whether they want to be rewarded or not) for whatever they do by giving them themed badges they made themselves.
  • Lia (SUG-069)
    • Lia Badge
    • she/her
    • Lia is a feisty sugarnix who always wants to be the leader. She's a little impatient and often acts before she thinks.
  • Axel(VESP-020)
    • he/him
    • An intrepid adventurer and treasure hunter. He holds a growing reputation within the Ebony Wreath for his successful exhibitions into the hearts of the mountains, almost always bringing to the surface something valuable, and previously unheard of. While he has his obvious motivations, the intrigue of discovering and exploring something new about his species' rich history is not lost on him. Though some might be skeptical, he does feel passionately and genuinely about his line of work.