Created: 8 April 2020, 06:13:34 EDT
Last updated: 30 September 2020, 19:26:45 EDT

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Cloventine’s is a month-long celebration of the beginning of spring, friendship, and luck- it's an opportunity to reflect on cherished friends, new and old. Green clovers (whether they be singlular, in bunches, or in the form of greeting cards) are exchanged with one another as a token of appreciation, or as an invitation to a new friendship. Other icons of Cloventine's include the mysterious St Cloven, as well as the loud & playful Spring Rumpus.

Cloventine's is a month-long event where you can earn Event Currency to spend in the Cloventine's EC Shop for special event traits & familiars. Doing two prompts will earn you the Cloventine's Badge!

14th April—Cloventine's Prompts end
16th April—Cloventine's Shop closes