Character Transfers

Created: 28 March 2020, 04:51:31 EDT
Last updated: 4 April 2020, 17:20:15 EDT

This walkthrough is to transfer and receive characters on ranebopets

NOTE: To transfer a character to someone who does not have a ranebopets account, please contact a ranebopets administrator or moderator in the Discord server or send a note to the appropriate deviantART group to have the character manually transferred to their deviantART alias.

Transfer a Character

Step 1

Find the character you want to transfer, and open their individual profile page.

  • ranebopets > my characters  or  your username > profile > characters

Step 2

In the left menu under settings,select transfer.

Step 3

Locate the user you want to transfer the character to. Verify that the username is correct, and then select send transfer.


Accepting a transfer

To accept a transfer, go to activity>character transfers> incoming, and you should see the incoming character transfer with the option to accept or reject. Click accept & the character will go into your characters.

1. Activity > Character transfers

2. Click accept. Done!